Who We Cooporate with

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is a recognized partner in the scientific project landscape, fostering efficient collaboration between research and industry for innovation.

With tailored collaboration options, it is involved in 150+ European research projects, coordinating EU initiatives and contributing to flagship projects.

International Committees, Commissions & Associations

The researchers of VIRTUAL VEHICLE hold various leadership positions in international committees and associations.


Moreover, the center shapes Europe’s R&D activities through continuous participation in international committees. Examples include EARPA (European Automotive Research Partners Association), ECSEL (Electronic Components and Systems), and SAE International.

Worldwide Partner Network

A rapidly growing global network of over 80 industrial and 40 research partners.


Success Factors:


In our collaboration, we focus on a medium to long-term perspective that promotes mutual trust.

We strive for quality both in the results and in the cooperation and advocate balanced rights to the project results.

This creates a win-win situation for your investment. In addition, we attach great importance to building and maintaining strategic partnerships that enable intensive collaboration

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