FLUID HSI Symposium – Graz 2024

Jun 14, 2024

“Fluid” is a strong metaphor for interaction concepts that bridge the gaps between users and technologies, guiding users seamlessly and intuitively.

On June 4th and 5th, 2024, the FLUID HSI Symposium took place in Graz for the second time.


The Goal:


To discuss the interaction between drivers, vehicles, and road users for safe and efficient mobility in complex environments, identifying challenges and opportunities, formulating expectations, and developing common visions.

About the event:


The second “FLUID HSI Symposium” aimed to bring together different players insights to discuss important issues concerning human-machine-interaction.
Keynotes were given by experts on global HMI trends, standardization, user centric navigation and interaction with racing cars drivers.

Additionally, various workshops, presentations, and discussions were designed to stimulate interactions and raise innovative ideas.

This enabled the “FLUD HSI Symposium” to develop a common understanding of future problems within a heterogeneous group.


The VIRTUAL VEHICLE “FLUID HSI platform” understands itself as an enabler to launch joint projects, activities, standards and best practices recommendations.


The symposium is planned as an annual event, whereby the format, which focuses on an extremely open discussions, is to be retained. The date will be announced as soon as possible.


To stay updated on NEWS, you are welcome to register via this LINK.

FLUID HSI Symposium Group Picture