Technology Showcase – June 19, 2024

Jun 27, 2024

On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, we hosted the event “Autonomous Driving – Not Just on the Road”, which offered many exciting insights.


We conducted demo drives with our Zero One and the Ford Fusion. Participants could experience firsthand how advanced autonomous driving technology has already become.


Waveye presented an impressive live radar sensor demonstration, and Arti showcased a fascinating robot demo.


In addition to the practical demonstrations, the program also offered in-depth content. Daniel Watzenig inspired the participants with his exciting keynote, in which he highlighted the latest developments and future trends in the field of autonomous driving. Furthermore, best practices of automated trains were presented, providing insights into the applications of this technology in rail transport.


The diverse applications for autonomous robots rounded off the program, showcasing the wide range of autonomous technologies.


The event was a great success and offered valuable insights into the world of autonomous technologies.


The event was organized as part of the EDIH Applied CPS as a Technology Showcase, with kind support from FFG, BMAW, and the European Commission.


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