VIRTUAL VEHICLE Podcast auf Spotify!

Jun 28, 2024

Our first podcast on the topic “Wood in Vehicle Construction” is available on Spotify.


Why are we discussing wood in vehicle construction on a podcast from a research center specializing in advanced technologies?


The answer lies in sustainable development and the pursuit of more environmentally friendly materials in vehicle construction. Wood, often considered a traditional building material, is experiencing a remarkable renaissance in the automotive industry.

Holz im Fahrzeug

In this episode, we provide answers to the following questions:

  • What innovative ways are there to use wood in vehicle construction?
  • How does the use of wood in vehicle construction contribute to sustainability?
  • What advantages does wood offer as a building material compared to conventional materials in vehicle construction?
  • What role does VIRTUAL VEHICLE play in the research and development of wood technologies in vehicle construction?


Our experts, Stefan Kirschbichler and Christian Kurzböck, offer insightful perspectives on how wood is being processed as a forward-looking material in vehicles.