The Field of Materials and Lightweight

FE-Simulation and Virtual Validation

Hybrid Materials and Fiber Reinforced Plastics
We use FE models to simulate the mechanical behavior of hybrid materials and fiber reinforced plastics. This allows us to predict the properties and failure of components and optimize the development of lightweight structures.


Development of FE Methods for Lightweight Structural Safety
We develop new FE methods to assess the lightweight structural safety considering complex material properties and manufacturing processes. This leads to more accurate and efficient simulation predictions.


Process Chain Mapping for Structural Safety Simulations (Metals and Plastics)
Process chain maps for structural safety simulations integrate material, process, and structural information. This increases the efficiency and reliability of simulation workflows.


Bio-based Materials and Function Oriented Process Control Integration
FE models simulate the behavior of bio-based materials. By integrating function oriented process controls into simulation models, we optimize the manufacturing and properties of bio-based materials.

Our Services

  • Development of FE models and simulation methods
  • Execution of simulation studies
  • Analysis and interpretation of simulation results
  • Optimization of material properties, design and processes
  • Creation of reports and presentations

Our Advantages

Long-standing experience in FE simulation and virtual validation


Expertise in the fields of material science, lightweight design and process engineering


Application of state-of-the-art software tools and methods


Close cooperation with our worldwide customers

Your Benefits

Improved understanding of material behavior and component strength

Increased efficiency and reliability of development processes

Reduced costs and shorter development times

Increased competitiveness