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Reliable System Simulation

Over nearly two decades, VIRTUAL VEHICLE has played a pivotal role in advancing industries by fostering the creation of superior, safer, and economically efficient products.

This has been made possible through the establishment of cutting-edge technology for system simulation and the acquisition of key international patents.

The applications of these advancements are diverse, serving to streamline setup and configuration processes among other benefits.

DigTwin AI Reliable System Simulation

Virtual Validation

Safety validation is crucial in automotive and railway development. However, traditional physical testing faces limitations in terms of cost, time, and scalability.


At VIRTUAL VEHICLE, we’re advancing technology to transition testing scenarios into virtual reality. By leveraging reality-based simulations, we’re enhancing safety standards and enabling virtual homologation.

Continuous Integration

Common test methods include model, software, or hardware-in-the-loop systems, which are integrated for cost-effective testing. This integration generates test and simulation subsystems that require seamless data exchange.

Ideally, test cases are supplied, parameterized, executed, analyzed, and reported, which emphasizing the importance of continuous data integration throughout the process.

Reference Projects


In diesem Projekt wurde die Verwendbarkeit von Second-Life-Batterien für die stationäre Speicherung untersucht. Wir entwickelten ein Design-Tool zur Auswahl geeigneter Batteriezellen oder -module auf der Grundlage von Alterungsmechanismen.

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This project focuses on the simulation framework for particle-gas flow inside a battery pack. ​

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LIghtweight Battery System for Extended Range at Improved SafeTY

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In this project, track irregularity measurements are analysed to develop a methodology able to identify CT and detect it at an early stage.

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In this project, an alternative approach for the improved simulation of crack propagation by continuous element elimination is pursued.

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