The objectives are to be achieved through the development of a new battery system.

These include:

  • A compact and safe battery system based on high energy density cells and a lightweight, shock-resistant housing
  • A versatile battery management system that ensures optimal performance and safety over the entire life of the system
  • High-precision state estimators that enable fast charging, increase range and service life and guarantee ultimate safety and diagnostics
  • An innovative thermal management system that ensures safety and prevents damage to the battery during fast charging.


  • Upgrading EV battery performance, safety and lifetime
  • Achieving a range of at least 500 km on a fully charged battery pack
  • Halve charging times
  • Long battery lifetime of over 300,000 km for first life
  • Ability to reuse the battery pack for second life applications and sustainability over the battery pack’s entire life cycle

LIBERTY is developing a (semi-)automatic process for the efficient dismantling of battery packs at the end of their service life in order to reduce recycling costs. Future-oriented test protocols for electric vehicles are being developed, as current standards are not sufficient. The innovations lead to compact high-performance battery packs with advanced diagnostic and control functions.


VIRTUAL VEHICLE is responsible for the development and qualification of safety-relevant test procedures.




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