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Vehicle & Grid Forum 2024

MP09 Liebenauer Tangente 4, Graz, Austria

The event aims to unite participants from across the charging chain to address and find solutions for issues, requirements, and expectations. Key topics include discussions on charging/discharging, future infrastructure, and the advantages for various stakeholders in the energy collaboration chain.

Fluid Human System Interaction Symposium

MP09 Liebenauer Tangente 4, Graz, Austria

Save the date for the 2nd Human System Interaction Symposium. A multi-disciplinary human-centric approach to meet modern road user needs and facilitate a trustworthy development of integrated human-technology systems for future mobility.

ISNVH 2024

Congress Graz Albrechtgasse 1, Austria

Be part of the 13th International Styrian Noise, Vibration & Harshness Congress.