ADAS/AD Verification & Validation

Open Vehicle Development Platform

The higher complexity of modern powertrains is placing increasing demands on the test systems used in development and testing. Addition to that testing & validation of automated and autonomous driving features to reach high performance solutions for Level 1 to Level 5 rise dramatically. 

VIRTUAL VEHICLEs expertise is proven by outstanding AD specific methodologies and validation competencies as well as an open vehicle development platform, the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Automated Drive Demonstrator. 

Automated Drive Demonstrator

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Automated Drive Demonstrator (ADD) is an open vehicle platform and computer controllable car that can be used for various R&D projects in the field of automated driving. 

Testing with Our ADD

  • Definition of use cases and testing plans
  • Performance testing & validation on public roads and test tracks
  • Automated driving on defined areas
  • Multi-sensor concepts and real-time sensor fusion
  • Algorithm development
  • V2X communication
  • Validation and verification of AI-based systems
  • High-fidelity modeling & simulation for virtual system approval