Climate Chamber

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Climate Chamber

Two Separately Conditionable Climate Chambers

The HVAC test bench enables versatile testing in mobile air conditioning, thermal, and energy management.

The climate chambers each have a heating capacity of 20 kW and steam generators with a maximum output of 10 kg steam mass per hour.


The cooling capacity (depending on the temperature levels) is at least 10 kW. High-precision sensors, powerful measurement data acquisition and the time-true visualisation of the measurement data and process sequences guarantee outstanding precision of the measurement results.


This ensures the correct validation of the calculation and simulation results.


Standard applications include HVAC/mobile air conditioning and thermal and energy management.

Facts & Figures

Separately conditionable climate chambers


High-precision measurement data acquisition and sensors


Time-effective visualisation of measurement data and process sequences


Validation of calculation and simulation results





Climate chamber large (5 x 2.5 x 2.5 LxWxH in m, Volume = 31 m³)


Climate chamber small (4.5 x 2 x 2.5 LxWxH in m, Volume = 23 m³)




Temperature range (T = -20 … +60 °C)


Relative humidity (φrel. = max. 100 %)


Heating capacity (P > 20 kW)


Steam generation (ṁSteam = max. 10 kg/h)


Cooling via air-coolant heat exchanger (Cooling capacity > 10 kW)


Air mass flow evaporator (ṁevap = max. 1000 kg/h)


Air mass flow condenser (ṁcond = max. 6000 kg/h)


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Lead Researcher

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