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Predictive Maintenance & Failure Prediction for Bearings

Our Application

From Highly Accurate Simulation…

  • Our simulation is highly accurate and has proven its capabilites in many years of application  
  • Considers running-in process  
  • Considers complex oil properties of the lubricant  
  • Is highly accurate in comparison to journal bearing test-rigs 

Our Application

…and Advanced Testing…

  • Journal bearing test-rig with state-of-the-art capabilities 
  • Hydraulic actuator with sufficient power to conduct seizure tests  
  • Static and (in the future) dynamic loads possible 
  • Real-time wear detection and measurement  
  • Test bearing direct friction force measurement  
  • Small oil volume testing capability to test degraded oils from field tests 
  • Long standing experience with the conduction of bearing tests 

Our Application

…to Machine Learning

  • Machine learning is the current state-of-the-art topic in preditive maintenance and remaining useful lifetime estimations  
  • The SmartBearingLab has been at the forefront building on its vast experimental and simulation database from previous research. 

Our Application

Oil Analysis & Degradation

  • Complex oil properties – essential for simulation 
  • Oil viscosity changes also with pressure and shear stress in the contact (shown data was obtained for a real oil sample)  
  • Oil degradation can also strongly affect rheological properties 
  • SmartBearingLab can conduct extensive lab analysis and create a representative oil model for simulation from a provided oil sample 
Oil sample provided ​for oil analysis

Introduction to SmartBearingLab – Meet The People

Sophia is a postdoctoral researcher from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV – Spain) and a visiting researcher at VIRTUAL VEHICLE since 2022.

Currently, Sophia is working in a couple of interesting projects related to tribology in internal combustion engines with especial attention to the lubrication conditions of journal bearings and wear analysis.


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