Information on Data Processing

The App shows the App user the available signals and the corresponding information on the screen in the user’s car – only while the car is in parking modus. This also includes the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), car speed, mileage, etc.


However, no such information is provided to VIRTUAL VEHICLE, therefore, no personal data (such as VIN) will be processed by VIRTUAL VEHICLE. Only technical data related to the vehicle will be transmitted to VIRTUAL VEHICLE, i.e.


  • Brand/Make, Model, Year of the vehicle,
  • Available signals without the actual values


For examples see below.


Purpose of this app is to monitor which signals are available for specific vehicle models and, in a further step, to extend available signals.
For any questions in this regard, please contact us:
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, Inffeldgasse 21/A, A-8010 Graz, Austria,


Example of User’s screen:


Make: Ford
Model: Fusion Hybrid
Year: 2017
VIN: 00000000000000000
Fuel type: UNLEADED
Ignition state: ON
Speed: 30 km/h
Mileage: 5 km


Example of data sent to VIRTUAL VEHICLE:


Make: Ford
Model: Fusion Hybrid
Year: 2017
VIN: available
Fuel type: available
Ignition state: available
Speed: available
Mileage: available