User-centered testing of automated driving functions for usability, trust and acceptance in real traffic

The project encompasses the conceptualization and development of a practical test method. To ensure the effectiveness of the method, validation will be conducted through field studies. Additionally, the project will analyze datasets from GENDrive and UT4AD.

Main Objectives of UT4AD

The overarching goal is to gain insights into aspects such as usability, trust, and acceptance, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the project’s outcomes and implications.

Benefits of the UT4AD Project

  • Reduction of preparation/post-processing time for field studies through efficient collection and management of test data
  • Strengthening test and validation expertise for automated driving functions (user tests as an additional offering in the research portfolio)
  • Strengthening cooperation with OEMs and TIER-1 in the context of testing automated driving functions
  • Strengthening the two research groups “Human Factors” and “Contextual Information Systems and Management” (Transport Data Science)
  • Development of an ICT-supported test and validation methodology
  • Knowledge transfer to the test environments for automated driving
  • Conducting study work and publishing scientific papers in scientific journals