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Rail: Passenger and Freight Transport

VIRTUAL VEHICLE drives the railway industry forward.

In passenger transport, we focus our research on the optimization, simulation and control of vehicle and infrastructure components and the intelligent maintenance of rails and switch systems.

In freight transport, automation technology like “Digital Automatic Coupling” plays a key role in increasing efficiency.

We support our customers in many areas, including method development, model-based and data-driven diagnostic procedures, monitoring of chassis components and route monitoring.

Central Research Topics

  • Shorten innovation cycles through digitalization
  • Drive forward research for implementation
  • Maximize reliability of the rail system through intelligent and reliable algorithms
  • To contribute to a single European railroad area


Monitoring & Diagnosis


Methods development


Model-based and data-driven diagnostic methods


Monitoring of running gear components


Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Digital Twin Networks


Illustration of system interactions in IT platforms


Executable tool chains


Properties, behavior and history over the lifecycle


User-specific analysis and forecasting applications

Vehicle Dynamics & Operation Analysis

Running technology know-how


Overall system understanding of vehicle and route


Modeling and parameter determination


Virtual vehicle approval


Probalistic design



Wheel-track-interaction and traction phenomena


Profile development


Damage to wheel and rail surfaces


Track setting and optimization


Noise and vibrations

Green Digital Mobility

The Railroad Plays a Prominent Role as a Fundamental Element of Green Digital Mobility.

The research contributes to the optimization of the rail system, improves vehicle dynamics and enhances the overall passenger experience. As a result, rail capacity can be doubled and market uptake can be positively influenced, taking life cycle costs into account.

In addition to our core expertise, topics such as sensor technology and electrification, ATO, human factors research and systems for the end-to-end networking of component and process data are playing an increasingly important role.

Green Digital Mobility


Effective wheel-rail-interaction is crucial for safe and efficient railway operations. Predictive maintenance, using data analytics and sensors, allows proactive monitoring of factors like wheel wear and track conditions. This approach prevents derailments, reduces downtime, and optimizes maintenance schedules, ensuring safer and more cost-effective railway networks.


At VIRTUAL VEHICLE, we are researching simulation solutions to optimize predictive maintenance and thus predict wheel wear and deterioration of the track condition.


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Railway Digital Twin Networks


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GRITLAB – Graz Railway Intelligence Tech Lab | 2024


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Rail Systems




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