greenSPEED: Innovating Battery Production

greenSPEED – a project that offers solutions for a sustainable process of electrodes and cell production.


The project team is researching a new type of battery production to make lithium-ion batteries cheaper, more energy-efficient and without frequently used toxic substances.
The research questions are aimed at both optimised material use and improved production processes for lithium-ion batteries. The anode, for example, can be produced with silicon, which is cheaper and has a significantly higher energy density then currently common anode materials.
For the cathode, on the other hand, a dry production process is used, thus avoiding toxic substances, and saving energy at the same time.




With its research, the EU funded greenSPEED project addresses a central topic of electromobility – lithium-ion technology.


Electromobility is becoming more and more important and the demand for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is increasing, but high-end lithium-ion technology is still not being supplied by European industry. Although this technology already contributes to environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility, the current production process is still energy-intensive and uses environmentally harmful substances, which in turn have to be extracted at great expense. This makes the production of lithium-ion batteries expensive and time-consuming.


The greenSPEED project will provide solutions to precisely these challenges!





To optimize and support the individual steps in electrode production, modelling and simulation techniques, such as digital twin and artificial intelligence, are used. These reduce the invested time as well as amount of material in the developing phase of cell production, and therefore further decrease costs.


Coordinated by Virtual Vehicle, greenSPEED brings together industry and research in Europe. The expertise and knowledge of participants from the automotive industry, technology companies, research and knowledge hubs from Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands will be bundled, and the know-how will be further developed to achieve the goal of Europe’s leadership in the production of batteries with a low carbon footprint. greenSPEED is also part of the “Battery Heroes”, a cluster created by the four partner projects from the same call to further strengthen their cooperation. The goal is to exchange ideas and plan joint dissemination activities to create synergies.


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