Robo-Taxi in Wörgl, Tyrol, at 2024

Sep 25, 2023

Robo-Taxi starting in 2024 in Wörgl, Tyrol

Next year, our Robo-Taxi will start driving in Wörgl, our partner town in Tyrol, and will transport people from A to B along a defined route. This will make Wörgl the first community in Austria to test the autonomous driving cab.
In line with current Austrian legislation, which does not yet allow autonomous driving without a driver, there will always be a safety driver on board who can intervene in critical situations.



Good to know:
In San Francisco, some autonomously driving cabs from the companies Waymo and Cruise are already in use. In August this year, official permission was granted there to use autonomously driving cabs without safety drivers throughout the city.