Vehicle & Grid Forum

Jan 30, 2024

Save the Date!

Our first Vehicle & Grid Forum is intended to bring together the various players in the charging chain (from vehicle users to energy suppliers) to address challenges, discuss needs, formulate expectations and find solutions. The forum will focus on the charging/discharging processes, the future infrastructure and the benefits for the various participants in the energy cooperation chain.

The event involves participants such as energy service companies, grid operators, charge point operators, battery experts, communication experts, standardization experts, software providers and fleet managers.

Important aspects:

  • Grid & battery-friendly charging & discharging


  • User-optimized charging experience


  • Communication infrastructure for the exchange of V&G-relevant information


  • Cooperation potential for the participants in the charging chain
Vehicle & Grid Logo Picture

In summary, the forum serves as a platform for collaboration and discussion among diverse stakeholders to address challenges, optimize charging processes, and explore future benefits in the dynamic landscape of energy cooperation.