Visit to ZwickRoell

Mar 18, 2024

As part of the master’s thesis of our colleague Hannes Hauser with the topic „Mechanical Characterization and Finite Element Simulation of Battery Cell Components“, he and Patrick Kolm had the privilege of attending a symposium hosted by ZwickRoell on the 28th of February, 2024.


The event, focusing on the mechanical characterization of battery components, attracted over 80 participants from diverse industries and research institutes.


In addition, ZwickRoell inaugurated their new battery lab and introduced the multifunctional cell component analyzer (MCCA), which is shown in the picture.

(Picture from right: Aleksander Koprivc – Business Development Manager Automotive Electrification, Hannes Hauser – VIRTUAL VEHICLE, Simon Vitzthum – Global Industry Manager Mobility, Patrick Kolm – VIRTUAL VEHICLE)

In the past, researchers encountered a significant challenge when measuring the compressive properties of ultra-thin ceramic-coated-separators (CCS). Traditional methods involved stacking individual separators to achieve measurable thicknesses, introducing uncertainties into the results (Kolm et al., 2022).

ZwickRoell’s MCCA represents a solution, allowing us to measure the compressive behavior of individual foils directly and precisely, providing a more accurate and reliable assessment. Moreover, the MCCA simultaneously measures the electric resistance of the currently tested sample, allowing for a better short-circuit prediction. Additionally, the sample holder’s temperature can be varied, enabling temperature-dependent analysis of a CCS.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE would like to thank ZwickRoell for the opportunity to present our contribution to increasing battery crash safety at the ZwickRoell E-Mobility Testing Symposium with a focus on mechanical battery testing.



Kolm, P., Behmer, M., Kargl, P., & Breitfuss, C. (2022). Influence of electrolyte presence on the vibration behavior of a Li-ion pouch cell and on the mechanical characteristics of its incorporated Al2O3-coated polyolefin separator. Journal of Energy Storage, 51, 104249.